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The Yurt (or Ger), home to the Nomads of Central Asia for over 1500 years, is without a doubt one of Asias finest creations. Entering a Yurt is like entering a Temple of the Earth, its simplicity and sacred proportions immediately transport you to another time and place. The stillness, the beauty, the warmth and the light all delight the body mind and spirit. It is as if the majesty and beauty of Nomadic life is encoded in the very structure of the Yurts themselves.

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Fairlove Yurts pride themselves on the quality of the Yurts they make for you. Our Yurts are modelled on the Turkoman style, each one is made of coppiced Ash and Sweet Chestnut (occaisionally other hardwoods are used) all treated with natural preservatives. Each pole is hand crafted and the whole Yurt is unique - a careful balance of exactness of design and the organic naturalness of a handcrafted product made from greenwood.  The Yurts have beautifully fitted white canvas covers with contrasting black canvas roof caps. All  the canvas conforms to BS 5438/5867, 3408 and 2087 for fire, water and rot resistance.  We believe we make for you the best most individual and authentic yurts available.
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Fairlove Yurts is a family run business of Mum, Dad, 3 sons and a daughter with the long standing help of Jacob, Nuku, Sean and Andy. Together we have a combined experience of well over 100 years in the yurt business.

"Firstly, I would like to thank you for your friendliness and professionalism. The yurt has been THE success of the Festival... everybody just fell in love with it. You can be sure that I will be thinking of you for other events."

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Customer care, we are very proud of our relationship with you our customers, if you are happy then we are happy.  Our attention to detail is second to none in the yurt world and we constantly strive to improve what we do.  In addition we have a comprehensive health and safety policy, full public and employers liability insurance, and we conform to the muta code of good practice wherever it is applicable to yurts.

This business is run with respect and appreciation for the Earth on which we all live and inparticular for the Nomadic Peoples of Central Asia.
A special thanks too, to Hal Wynne-Jones for his support and inspiration.